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GCR guarantees that you will be paid out the highest price for all of your gold, silver and platinum bullion items. We have also created a process that allows you to do all of this from the comfort of your own home. Request your FREE Evaluation Kit  today!

Types of Bullion

Bullion refers to investment grade precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum. Bullion is generally weighed by Troy Ounces or in Grams and comes in a few major forms – including coins, rounds, and bars/ingots. In Canada, gold must have a purity of 99.5% and silver must have a purity of 99.9% to be considered bullion and tax exempt.

Bullion Coins
Gold Bars
Gold Ingots
Silver Rounds
Bullion coins are minted by a government entity, with legal tender attributed to it. While the precious metal value should always be higher than the face value of the coin, these pieces do come with a premium cost as the designs are usually more intricate. The Great Canadian Roadshow will always apply a premium payout to coins.
The value of a bar, ingot or round is based solely on its precious metal content. They are never intended for circulation and do not have a legal tender attributed to them. They are generally sold at a lower premium than a coin, and as such, are bought at a lower premium as well. The Great Canadian Roadshow guarantees our bullion payout prices will always be the highest.

Popular Brands That We Buy:

  • Australian Mint
  • Asahi Mint
  • Credit Suisse
  • Engelhard
  • Heraeus
  • Istanbul Gold Refinery
  • Johnson Matthey
  • Pamp Suisse
  • Perth Mint
  • Republic Metals Corporation
  • Royal Canadian Mint
  • Sunshine Mint
  • Valcambi Mint
  • And All Private Mints!

Popular Coins That We Buy:

  • Maple Leaf
  • Eagle
  • Libertad
  • Krugerrand
  • Kangaroo
  • Philharmonic
  • Britannia

Why Sell Bullion to the Great Canadian Roadshow

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Trusted Brand: GCR has been a trusted and well known brand in Canada for over 10 years. With hundreds of media publications, millions paid out to the public, hundreds of thousands donated to charities and a physical storefront location in the heart of downtown Toronto - we want our customers to feel confident and comfortable when they send their precious items to us.

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Your Items are Safe: Once we receive your evaluation kit, the package is opened underneath a camera. After your items are inspected and evaluated they are transferred into a secure safe and are insured during the offer process. You will be paid out immediately if you choose to accept our offer. If you decide that you want your items back, we ship them directly to your home, fully insured and free of charge.

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Best Payouts in the Industry: The Great Canadian Roadshow owns one of the top bullion companies in Canada, Global Bullion Suppliers.

Thanks to our extensive database of customers and wholesalers, we are at an advantage when paying out our customers and can increase our payouts for all bullion products! This allows us to provide our customers with the most transparent and profitable experience with GCR.

Do you have a better offer from a competitor? Show us a quote including the spot prices and we will beat it.

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