We purchase ALL gold, silver and platinum coins.

Canadian, American and World gold and silver coins are among the most popular items we evaluate and purchase on a daily basis.
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With over a decade of experience in the industry, Great Canadian Roadshow built an extensive database filled with collectors from around the world! Our collectors are always looking to add coins to their portfolio, both gold and silver, varying from proof and commemorative to numismatic and bullion coins.

Gold coins we look for:
  •   Royal Canadian Mint gold coins
  •   American Eagle gold coins
  •   American Buffalo gold coins
  •   Pre-1933 U.S. gold coins
  •   Krugerrand gold coins
  •   Royal Mint gold coins
  •   Olympic gold coins
  •   Centennial gold coins
  •   All Bullion gold coins
Silver coins:
  •   Canadian coins dated 1968 and earlier
  •   American coins dated 1964 and earlier
  •   American coins dated 1968 and earlier (ONLY JFK half dollars)
  •   British coins dated 1946 and earlier
  •   All other silver coinage from around the world
  •   All silver bullion from around the world

Other Silver coins:
  •   Numismatic coins
  •   Commemorative coins
  •   Mint Sets and Proof coins
  •   Uncirculated coins

Numismatic Coins:

Numismatic coins tend to carry a value higher than its precious metal content and face value. Many factors are involved when determining whether a coin is numismatic, however, numismatic coins commonly have a limited mintage, a specific variation or there may have been an error during the minting process. Our experts have been identifying and grading numismatic coins for over a decade – so feel free to take advantage of our free service!

Commemorative Coins:

Commemorative coins are issued to honor and celebrate historical events or issues throughout our past. These coins are mass produced with the intention of regular circulation and are not classified as numismatic. There are many commemorative coins that contain precious metal content within them, increasing their value.

Proof Coins:

Proof coins were fashioned as distinct early samples of issued coins throughout history in order to assist with checking dies and for extensive archival use. Today, proof coins consist of coins minted in large numbers with the intention of being sold to collectors or numismatists. Nearly all countries have issued proof coinage. Majority of these coins are worth their value in gold or silver, however, there are some cases in which they can be worth more.

Uncirculated Coins:

These coins generally follow one of these classifications:

  •   Coins released to the public but not intended for circulation. These coins have not been handled by human hands.
  •   Coins that are graded by a reputable company with a grade of Mint State (MS) 60+
  •   Uncirculated coins are struck with specific adjustments during the minting process, which results in a more satin-like finish

All uncirculated coins are available for purchase from mints or coins dealers. Again, these coins have never been handled by human hands.

Is your coin authentic?

There are many methods that can be used when determining whether or not your coin is authentic. The simplest approach is to verify the weight, diameter and metal content of the coin. Generally, when coins are manufactured by Mints such as Royal Canadian Mint, US Mint, or Royal Mint the weight, diameter and metal used are precise and consistent.

Counterfeit coins will usually not be consistent with one of the three factors regarding the coins weight, diameter and/or metal content. It is difficult to match the exact quality of the coin based on the sophisticated and precise mintage qualities that originate from government issued mints.

Our trained experts at Great Canadian Roadshow have acquired the skills needed when determining whether a coin is authentic or counterfeit. Leave the verifying and testing to us!

Are you wondering what your gold, silver or platinum coinage is worth? Leave it to the experts and get your FREE Evaluation Kit today!

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