Do You Buy All Types Of Bullion


Of course! The Great Canadian Roadshow purchases all fine bullion gold, silver, and platinum coins, bars and rounds and our best price guarantee means you will always get the maximum value!
Bullion is investment grade precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum that is tax exempt due to its purpose as an investment tool. In Canada, gold bullion must have a purity of 99.5% and silver bullion must have a purity of 99.9% to be considered “bullion grade” and tax exempt.
Bullion is weighed by Troy ounces or grams and comes in various forms – including coins, rounds, and bars.


Bullion coins that we purchase include, but are not limited to:

  •   Canadian Maple Leaf from the Royal Canadian Mint
  •   Eagle from the United States Mint
  •   Libertad from the Mexican Mint
  •   Krugerrand from the South African Mint
  •   Kangaroo from the Australian Mint
  •   Philharmonic from the Austrian Mint
  •   Britannia from the Royal Mint

Gold Bars

Bullion Bars: Will be “cast” or “minted” and are measured in ounces or grams.

Cast bars are made using an ingot, a mold that is shaped as a rectangle allowing the molten gold to form into shape.

Minted bars are formed with gold blanks that are crafted to specific dimensions with distinct designs.

Watch out for fakes! Ever since the growing popularity of investment grade bullion there have been recent stories of knock offs and fakes crafted and sold privately. The weight is the easiest way to etermine the legitimacy of a piece of bullion. A troy ounce of bullion should weight 31.1035g.

The Great Canadian Roadshow employs trained professionals who use the latest industry standard quipment in order to ensure we authenticate and provide the most accurate value for your item!

Visit our Bullion page for more information. Are you wondering what your bullion is worth or if it’s real? Leave it to the experts and get your FREE Evaluation Kit today!

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