Do You Buy Diamonds And Gemstones



Yes, The Great Canadian Roadshow buys diamonds and gemstones of all shapes and sizes.
Our trained professionals use industry standard tools and techniques in order to evaluate and authenticate diamonds.

Types of Diamonds we buy:

  •   Asscher
  •   Cushion
  •   Emerald
  •   Heart
  •   Marquise
  •   Melee
  •   Oval
  •   Pearl
  •   Princess
  •   Round
  •   Trillion

Diamond and Gemstone Certification:

  •   In order to provide fair market value for diamonds and gemstones , please send your certification (or appraisal) together with the free evaluation kit when sending your items to Great Canadian Roadshow
  •   If you are not in possession of a diamond or gemstone certificate (or appraisal), our experts at Great Canadian Roadshow are glad to examine your pieces and determine the most accurate market value for your items.

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