Paper Money

Great Canadian Roadshow is always looking to buy paper money, bank notes, and other types of paper currency on behalf of our collectors.
We look for the following banknotes:
  •   Bank of Canada
  •   Bank of Montreal
  •   Bank of Nova Scotia
  •   Bank of Toronto
  •   Canadian Bank of Commerce
  •   Dominion of Canada
  •   Imperial Bank of Canada
  •   Molson Bank of Canada
  •   The Royal Bank
  •   Union Bank of Canada
  •   United States Silver Certificates
  •   United States Federal Reserve notes
  •   United States Demand Notes
  •   World notes dated from 1950 and earlier

What is my paper money worth?

The value of paper money is dependent on 3 main factors:

  •   The overall amount of bills printed (The less printed, the higher its potential value)
  •   The prefix and serial number (e.g. sequential, radar, or low serial numbers)
  •   The variation of bills depending on portrait, errors and signatures.

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