Shipping And Packaging Instructions


The Great Canadian Roadshow recommends the following to ensure safe delivery of your items:
  1. - Wrap precious metal items such as jewellery, bullion and coins in bubble wrap
  2. - Wrap items such as paper money in paper money sleeves and cardboard, to prevent creasing
  3. - Place your wrapped items inside the padded envelope
  4. - Place the padded envelope inside the original box you received, along with your filled out customer return card.
  5. - Add any additional packaging (newspaper, bubble wrap, peanuts) to ensure no space is left in the box (this will limit the rattling and movement of your items during shipment)
  6. - Seal the box
  7. - Place the sleeve on the outside of the box and seal the sleeve
  8. - Affix the return label to the outside of the sleeved package

Dropping off with Canada Post:
  1. - Ensure that your package is properly sealed and secured
  2. - Once your package is ready for shipment, drop it off at the nearest Canada Post. Visit this
  3. link to find the nearest Canada Post to you

Since you will be using a pre-paid label, we will already have the information of the label on our website, attached to your account and your specific evaluation kit. You can follow the status of your shipment online on your account page. The moment the label is scanned, it will update.

Once we receive your package at our facility, the Great Canadian Roadshow will send an email notification to the email you provided. You can check the status of your evaluation kit anytime on your account page.

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