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Items can be old, new, mismatched, scratched, or anything in between!

What We Buy
  •   Jewellery
  •   Silver tea settings and cutlery
  •   Coins
  •   Bullion
  •   And more!


We use various methods when examining precious metal items, which include:

  • Inspect the item for any hallmarks
    •   A resourceful method when determining silver purity is to look for hallmarks.
    •   Most precious metal items include hallmarks, which are markings engraved into the item, to help indicate the purity of the metal.
    •   Standard silver markings are 500 (50%), 800 (80%) and Sterling/925 (92.5%)
    •   Common locations for jewellery for example can be found on the inside of a ring or near the clasp of a necklace
    •   Common locations for silverware and tea settings are underneath the bottom of the piece or on the handle.
    •   In order to clearly see the hallmarks on these items, we recommend using a magnifying glass or a loupe.
    •   Plated/Filled items also have common markings such as EP (Electroplated), EPNS (Electroplated nickel silver)

  • Use a strong magnet!
    •   Another simple method to help in determining whether or not your item is gold is by using a magnet
    •   We recommend using a strong magnet, such as an earth magnet
    •   Precious metals such as gold and silver should NOT get picked up by the magnet.
    •   When you hold the magnet near your items, if the item is attracted to the magnet then that part is not made of any precious metal.
    •   If the item does not react to the magnet, this does not mean that it is silver.
    •   The item can be heavily plated, which is why our experts use x-ray technology to ensure you receive a fair assessment on your items

  • Confirm the purity
    •   Once the item is confirmed to be made of precious metals, our next step is determining the purity of the item.
    •   With our X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) machine technology, we are able to determine the exact metal breakdown of your items allowing us to give you a fair market value for your gold items.
    •   The XRF machine is an x-ray that recognizes various metal compositions found within a precious metal item, informing us of the exact purity of the metal.

Following these simple steps allows Great Canadian Roadshow to make sure you get paid what you deserve for your items!

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