What Do You Pay For Gold Silver And Platinum

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The amount we pay for gold, silver and platinum are determined by 4 main factors, including:
  •   Current Market Prices
  •   Weight
  •   Purity
  •   Rare or Collectible Pieces

Current Market Price

GCR determines the market value of gold, silver and platinum using Kitco’s ( current live market prices.

To ensure we offer competitive and accurate rates, our internal program continuously monitors market value and updates prices by the minute so that we can offer the best price guaranteed.

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Weight & Purity

When determining market value for gold, silver, and platinum we take into consideration variables such as weight and purity. Higher levels of purity, as well as, larger weights within any lot can increase its potential value.

  • Purity: Gold, silver and platinum items that contain a higher level of purity, based on karat, will receive higher payments than those of a lower purity.

For example, gold is often mixed with other metal alloys such a copper, zinc, and even silver. This lowers the purity of the gold and simultaneously lowers the value of the item.

Common gold purities are:

  •   24 karat: 99.9+% Pure
  •   22 karat: 91.6%
  •   20 karat: 83.3%
  •   18 karat: 75.0%
  •   14 karat: 58.5%
  •   12 karat: 50%
  •   10 karat: 41.6%
  •   9 karat: 37.5%

Common silver purity is:

  •   Pure Silver: 99+%
  •   Sterling: 92.5%
  •   American Coin: 90%
  •   Canadian Coin: 80%
  •   Mexican Silver: 80%
  •   0.500 or 50% Silver

Common platinum purities are:

  •   999: 99.9%
  •   950: 95.0%
  •   900: 90.0%
  •   750: 75.0%

Rare or Collectible Pieces

Great Canadian Roadshow employs a team of trained experts who provide evaluations at no additional cost in order to assist you with determining a fair market value.

Manufacturers around the world use markings, engravings and specific stamps to identify the piece they crafted. These markings can wear off over time, or in some cases, even be replicated, which makes it difficult for some buyers to determine the level of purity and a fair value of their items. The Great Canadian Roadshow staff are fully trained with industry standard tools, such as the X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyzer to help determine the purity of our precious metal items.

Item-specific characteristics may potentially increase the value of your gold, silver or collectible piece. These specific characteristics are taken into consideration when determining if your piece has a greater value rather than its raw metal value.


Follow these three quick and easy steps to find out what we pay for gold, silver and platinum:

Great Canadian Roadshow offers fair and accurate prices for gold, silver and platinum. Let our trained professionals determine the value of your items based on these factors.

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