What Is An Evaluation Kit

A Great Canadian Roadshow evaluation kit contains all the items needed to receive a FREE evaluation from our on-site experts, completely FREE of charge and from the comfort of your own home!

We provide you with all the materials needed to safely and securely send us your items such as gold, silver, bullion, coins, watches and more!

All you need to do is request our FREE Evaluation Kit online or call one of our customer service representatives for more assistance!

You will receive an evaluation kit with the following items:

  •   Evaluation Kit Customer Card
  •   Packaging Material
  •   Return Label
  •   Packaging Sleeve

Evaluation Kit Customer Card

General Details:

Fill out the evaluation kit customer card fully and clearly. Please fill out as much information and detail as you possibly can as this aids us in our evaluation process.


Enter information from your government issued ID (You must be 18 years old to sell your items)


Provide your signature to help provide proof that you are the legal owner of the items you are interested in selling

Packaging Material:

Depending on your evaluation kit request, we will send you the appropriate packaging material. This is including but not limited to:

  •   Jewellery Bags
  •   Coin Bags
  •   Padded Envelopes
  •   Paper Money Sleeves
  •   Cardboard
  •   Bubble Wrap
  •   Packing Peanuts
  •   And more!

Simply package your items within the evaluation kit and send it back. It’s that easy! View the full details and steps in the safe packaging and shipping instructions section.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact our Customer Service team for more inquiries and we would be glad to assist you