When Will I Get Paid After Accepting My Offer

The Great Canadian Roadshow offers different payment options to ensure you get paid quickly. Our customers are guaranteed to receive payment anywhere between 1 – 7 business days after an offer is accepted.

We offer Cheque, or EMT (E-Mail Money Transfer) or PayPal. These are all options that will provide a fast and efficient payment for your items. We highly recommend selecting email money transfer or PayPal as your option of payment as this will provide the fastest and most efficient payment, as it is all completed electronically and deposited to the account that you have provided us.

Our Payment Options:

Cheque: This standard payment option will take 1 – 7 business days to receive the cheque.

Email Money Transfer (EMT): A safe and reliable banking service that allows customers to accept funds using email and their online banking service. Payment is directly deposited into your bank account within 24 hours of accepting your offer. Sometimes a secret answer / question may need to be provided.

Paypal: A trusted and convenient e-commerce business that facilitates payments between parties. Customers receive payment within 24 hours of accepting our offer.

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